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The following is information on what essences are and how I use them to support animals and their people.  Essences can be used on people, animals and plants.


First, How I Use Essences: What I do is energetically connect to the person’s or animal’s subtle energy (similar to what an animal communicator would do) to decipher  what might be out of balance in their energy body that  can affect behavior and physical conditions.  I would then put together a personalized essence combination spray that should be used consistently for 2-3 weeks though one could see energetic shifts in 2-3 days. Essences work well for animals with training and don't interfere with meds or for people in combination with professional therapy or behavior supports. I  mainly use essences from the Alaskan Essences line or the Bach Remedy line and occasionally from the Desert Alchemy line.

Overview of essences:  Essences are liquid extracts made from the fresh flower blossoms of a plant, from a gemstone or even from an environmental occurrence that imprint water with their vibrational energetic patterning. These vibrational remedies specifically address the emotional and energetic issues that may be affecting the overall wellness of any being. My essence mixes are personalized so are prepared to be  issue specific and client specific based on the client’s energy.  

     These extracts have completely different properties from allopathic or mood altering medicines and address imbalances through a separate avenue.  Essences have been around since the early 1930’s when Dr. Edward Bach created the Bach Remedies for general use. While essences do not specifically target physical issues, there may be times that physical issues subside when the emotional cause is alleviated or resolved.  This was the premise on which Dr. Bach based his original essences.  Energetic medicine has been around for thousands of years in what we recognize as acupuncture, acupressure, reiki and shamanism as all ancient native, traditional people had their own form of working with the body’s energy to improve the well-being of members of their communities. 

Essences vs CBD, Essential oils and Homeopathics:  Essences are not to be confused with CBD, homeopathics or essential oils. Homeopathics work to support the physical body on a like cures like bases while essences work to balance a being’s energetic system (reducing fear by supporting the building of courage, reducing stress by building peaceful emotions/energy) so the energetic body can return to a sense of balance and equilibrium.  Essential oils work off the olfactory sense, or smell.  Essences do not have a scent.  Some of my sprays include essential oils to support a pleasant experience when using the spray unless I know the client or someone in the home has an allergy or requests no fragrance.

 Additional Information:  Essences are not meant to be used specifically to address physical issues however, there may be times that an energetic imbalance is manifested as a physical issue so  the physical issue subsides when the energetic cause is alleviated or resolved.  In animals, energetic imbalances are often manifested as behavioral issues.  

With animals, I use essences as a tool to  help alleviate the communication  gap we often have with our animal companions by supporting the animal in processing their energy imbalance.  It is important to keep in mind that our animal companions are instinct based and some behaviors are innate to different breeds or species.  Essences will not change breed tendencies but can help to level off learned emotional protective behavior.  

Energy work has been around for thousands of years in what we now recognize as acupuncture, acupressure, and reiki. All native traditional people also have their own form of working with the body’s energy and energetic vibration.

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