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Summer months bring thunderstorms and fireworks. We need to keep in mind that there are many canine companions (and people) that experience various levels of fear and anxiety due to the noises these create. With thunderstorms, there is also the effect of rapid changes in the barometric pressure as well as electromagnetic changes in the air that can create additional discomfort for some dogs. The electromagnetic changes can be especially uncomfortable for long haired dogs.

Many of us have seen the trauma these noises create for our canine companions ranging from increased vigilance and seeking human attention to vocalization and destructiveness to abject panic and sometimes escape. Sadly, these fears usually get worse rather than easing with time. We also often see other phobias with canines that are fearful of loud noises.

Since these phobias don’t all have the same root, here are some thoughts on essences that can support your canine companion and any person who experiences fear of thunderstorms, fireworks and other loud noises. One can use best judgement in selecting the essence or essence combination that might work best (see below for more information on selecting essences).

Aspen (Bach Essence)-Supports when there are vague or unaccountable fears. Provides a sense of security and fearlessness so one may face challenges and difficulties more easily

Mimulus (Bach Essence)-Supports by increasing courage and confidence in generally timid, shy dogs, as well as in dogs with very specific fears

Agrimony (Bach Essence)--Supports a pet who has suffered emotional or physical trauma. Will help bring calm and help one generally seem more at peace.

Beech (Bach Essence)-Supports to decrease intolerance toward events and situations

Rescue Remedy (Bach Essence) -Emergency formula, Supports in any stressful situation

Fireweed Combination (Alaskan Essences)-Supports the processes of transformation, transition and change. It can be used to prepare for a transformational experience of any kind, face one's fears, as it strengthens the grounding connection to the Earth so the body's energy system will be more stable and better able to cope, shifts the whole transformative process to a deeper level by releasing layers of deep pain and emotional trauma that are being held at the cellular level of the body, helps one experience transformation with gentleness, grace, and ease

Essences in this combination formula: Fireweed– recovery from shock, increases grounding, removes unwanted energy patterns from the body, and initiates renewal and revitalization White Fireweed – calms the emotional body after shocking experiences and clears emotionally painful experiences from cellular memory River Beauty – aids in emotional recovery and helps us start over after devastating experiences,Dwarf Fireweed help one to be open to and experince transformation with gentleness, grace and ease; helps fine tune how one moves through a healing process so as not to create more difficulties or pain

Guardian (Alaskan Essences) -Helps to invoke the energies of calm, stability, and security. This essence is especially useful for those who are highly sensitive. This combination enables one to claim one's energetic space, maintain grounding, and feel the protection of strong, healthy boundaries

Selecting the essence(s) to be used: The best way to select the right essence or combination of essences is to energy test. If not familiar with energy testing then one can use the information provided for each essence and consider the dog’s personality and fear reaction to best match essence to dog.

After deciding what essence(s) to use, one can create a spray to use throughout the season. It would be best to begin using the spray at the beginning of thunderstorm season and throughout thunderstorm season as this would better support the dog’s energy body release the energetic patterns that have created these fears. Please know that the fear reactions might not be vanquished completely but should provide some decrease in the severity of fear reaction.

Creating the spray: Six drops of the selected essence(s) in a 2 oz glass spray bottle combined with purified water or spring water (I don’t recommend using tap water). Shake well.

Use of spray: 1-2 sprays daily on dog’s favorite hangouts and sleeping area. Do not spray on animal (so as not create a fear of being sprayed)! The idea is to have the dog exposed to the subtle energetic vibration of the essence throughout their day.


As a subtle energy tracker and energy practitioner, I do not diagnose conditions, prescribe treatment nor interfere with the treatment prescribed by a licensed medical professional. Energy work is complementary to and separate from licensed serviced provided by a licensed practitioner. The contents of this blog is informational.

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