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21 Day Meditation Challenge - Starts May 19th -CLOSED-  


Reduce stress, build your resiliency, enjoy connecting with the animal world AND support animal rescue!  Each day’s meditation introduces you to a difference animal species, the strength and courage attributes that the animal is known for as well as a wisdom lesson. These are brought to you via an affirmation, use of visualizations and a short reading.  DETAILS:  You buy the book, sign up (see my links below), FB message me so I send you a meeting link and additional info.  Our online meetings serve as group support and group accountability ;) The Facebook group provides for quick check-ins to share any Aha! moments, good news and reaching out for support to successfully complete the 21 days. 97% of fee donated to Evergreen Animal Protective League














Managing Our Energy and Strengthening Communication With Our Animal Companions                                                   $39  CLOSED


FEBRUARY 23, MARCH 2 AND MARCH 9, 2019, 10:00-11:00 am MST

This about fine tuning our connection to and our communication with our animal companions

Note: this is not an animal training course


     We’ll talk about

            *Strategies to check in with your own body to see how really 

                    grounded and “in your body” you are

            *What to do to “get out of your head” and ground yourself

            *How to connect with your animal companion 

            *The “language” your companion animal uses


Offered via Zoom Meeting, three live online sessions

Private Facebook group to share and grow together



50% of the fee

Donated to:

Evergreen Animal Protective League

      For Heartworm Meds











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