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The Canine Essence Spray that Leonora specially formulated for our feral rescue dog, was of immediate interest and quickly put our terrified puppy at ease. When sprayed in our dog's preferred sleeping area, it garnered our dog's attention and instilled a sense of calm and comfort. The Essence Spray truly began our dog's healing process and provided a tranquil sensory bridge to domestic life. We are extraordinarily grateful to Leonora for helping our dog, who was living in a constant state of fear, begin to find a sense of peace and safety in her new environment. The Essence Spray was a vital part of our dog's transition from a terrified undomesticated animal to a joyful and beloved family member. Beyond Leonora's highly beneficial essence work, we relied on her guidance and intuitive understanding of animals to support and empower 

our dog's rejuvenation and evolution after a traumatic life on the streets and chaotic shelter experience. I would encourage anyone, whose animal has experienced anxiety or severe trauma, to engage Raven Works expert and incredibly compassionate services. 

   A.E.P., Golden, CO 

I won't lie, I was a little skeptical when starting this.  However, now that we are a couple of weeks in I can really tell the difference.  His [dog's] anxiety levels are way lower.  He's better getting in the kennel. I can leave him alone in the house (not in the kennel) for small periods of time without him going crazy and taking everything off the counters and eating it.  We are up to about 20 minutes alone, but before he would go nuts after a few minutes.  When we are outside I can leave him untethered and he's not jumping the fence.  Overall, I cannot believe the improvements!  Thank you sooo much!

   Abbey, Colorado


Thank you to Nora for the animal communication session she did for me on behalf of a rescue dog.  She created a beautiful sacred space for the dog’s spirit to feel at ease.  She asked three questions, would the animal like to go with me, what can the animal bring to me, and what can I bring to the animal.  I thought these were so perfect to the situation and the answers were so beautiful and appropriate I knew that Nora had connected deeply to the specific dog.  Adding three oracle cards at the end truly brought the session home in a profound way, I told her then, I feel at peace now! I was left with a great empowering message to work with going forward.

   Jenn P.


Thank you for taking the time to do my Rune reading.  I was quite astonished at how accurate it explained my current personal and work situation.  I refer to the reading on a weekly basis and it continues to shed light on my daily struggles, challenges, and accomplishments.  I look forward to many Rune readings in the Future.



Leonora did a Rune reading and journey for me. She was very clear on what to expect and what she was doing for me. The journey that Leonora did for me has truly been life changing. Like a lot of us, I grew up in a dysfunctional home and carry some scars as a result. As an adult who has lived many states away for over 15 years, it would be difficult for me to go home and visit. I would easily fall back into unhealthy patterning and behaviors. I went home recently after my reading/journey, and because of the work Leonora did for me, I was able to act from a place of love instead of fear. I had such a good visit, and I know a lot of it is because of my work with Leonora. I highly recommend this experience with her - you will feel loved, held, heard and respected. 

   Karen L. Lafayette, CO


I’m, relatively new to runes and Nora’s reading was my first.  (I’m a tarot reader myself.)  She explained the process carefully to make sure I understood it fully and she made sure that I was comfortable during the reading.  She gave me an opportunity to ask questions or provide comments during the reading too.  I found her interpretation to be accurate and intuitive.  Her summary of the rune spread was detailed, delivered in a kind ad professional manner and totally spot on!  I highly recommend her if you’re looking for your own guidance through runes.

   SF, Atlanta

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